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February 1, 2017

Our packed programme of activities is in full swing again following the break for Christmas and New Year.  You can find details of  times and days the activities run on the programme pages.


There is a page for each day of the week (except Sunday when we are closed.)  In addition to the start and finish time you can find additional information for many of  the clubs and classes.


Most of the classes or groups that are not organised by  the CLD team based at the centre will have contact details  shown next to the activity name..  Classes  whose names  are preceded by 'AE' are part of the Council's Adult Education Programme. More information and enrolment information here.


The page with Information about youth activities will be updated shortly.


If you require information about  other classes and groups, please speak to the team in the office.





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Centre Opening Hours

Monday        9:30am - 9pm

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Wednesday  9:30am - 9pm

Thursday      9:30am - 9pm

Friday           9:30am - 8:30pm

Saturday      CLOSED

Sunday         CLOSED

Have your breakfast, lunch or a snack in The Glassroom Cafe. More about the Cafe

Give Blood

Thanks to everyone who donated blood on our recent

Blood Donation Days  in 2019

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